Jeans Pencil Roll

Jeans Pencil Roll

If you’ve got an old pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore, don’t throw them away, make them into something. Cut the legs off and make them into a pair of shorts… easy… or use Make your own pencil roll from jeansthe material to cover ahardback book, but that’s another story, or really fuel your creativity by not only making something, but making something really useful that will help you be creative wherever you are.

. A pencil roll is a must for any budding artist. Just what you need to keep all your best sketching pencils neatly in order and in perfect condition, with ample room for an eraser as well. Perfect for school or holidays or when you want to do some sketching when you’re out and about. A pencil roll is much better than a pencil case, because when you roll it out, the pencils are displayed in a really handy way, and yet when it’s rolled up it protects your pencils and stops them from getting broken, which is why professional artists use them.

Make your own pencil roll from jeans

We’ve made our pencil roll from an old pair of jeans, (there’s something so cool about that) but of course, any old trousers would work just as well, as would any reasonably robust fabric. If you don’t have any old trousers, why not try a piece of old curtains, old upholstery fabric or an old canvas bag for example. Also we’ve used a glue gun to make the whole thing, which means you don’t need a sewing machine. However if you have a sewing machine, just replace the glue gun instruction steps with a sewing machine and you’ll get an excellent result.



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