Olalla Bluegrass Festival

In the language of the original people of this land, “Olalla” means “place with many berries” – and what tastier way to celebrate our roots than with a homemade berry pie?

Your homemade berry pie could be declared the finest pie in all the land! Olalla may be small, but we’ve got big appetite for good berry pie. If you think you can tip the m-m-m-m scale, give us your best shot … er… berry pie. For more information contact: pies@olallabluegrass.com


  • Filling ingredients must be limited to berries only, no other fruits OR cream-like dairy products are permitted. (No strawberry-rhubarb or blueberry-custard, for example.)
  • Crusts must be made from scratch, not store-bought.
  • Pie must be in a disposable, non-returnable pie pan. The Festival won’t be responsible for returning pie pans.
  • First, Second, and Third place (and maybe more) prizes will be awarded.
  • The First Place pie will be auctioned to the highest bidder.
  • All other pie entries will be sold to the public by the slice.
  • Proceeds from all sales go to the Olalla Bluegrass & Beyond Festival.
  • All entries become the property of the Olalla Bluegrass & Beyond Festival.
  • One entry per person.
  • Bring your pie to the festival site by 10:30am on festival day.
  • Oh yes … and every entrant gets a lovely gift!
  • Pies will be judged by a carefully selected group of pie-experts (they’ve been known to bribe us for the job). Pies will be judged on appearance, texture, presentation and taste.
  • Good luck!

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